A letter to my Cherished Community

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

This is an open letter I wrote to our community. An Abbreviated version of this is in the March April Issue of the East Nashvillian. My hope is to let everyone know how much I appreciate the love and support of our community, and try to thoughtfully and respectfully communicate some of the difficult decisions and changes we have had to make to get us past the tornado and the Pandemic. We hope you will enjoy our improvements and still support us as we evolve into the next version of Boston Commons.

Photo by Chuck Allen, Courtesy of The East Nashvillian

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your love and support over the past year. As I look to 2021, I am filled with nervous anticipation, and because our community, I’m filled with a great deal of HOPE too. #NashvilleStrong.

If there is one thing the events of 2020 have reinforced in me, it’s how much I love and love serving my community.

A little break on our Shelby Bottoms Bike ride.

I care deeply about and I’m deeply invested in this community. This is where I live, work, raise my family, and my kids go to school.

I enjoy the many opportunities to support our community through donations, sponsorships, and gathering places for many worthwhile causes and community fundraising events.