About Boston Commons

Growing up In Palmer, Massachusetts I learned a few things from my Dad who was a Gourmet Chef and a Huge Boston Red Sox fan.  My Dad had a passion for Creating great food, especially seafood, Enjoying the Restaurant and Guest Experience, treating people right and Routing for the Bosox as a nice small distraction from all the Hard Work of Supporting and Raising 7 kids.  Dad was passionate and commited to his craft.  He enjoyed seeing people enjoy his food that he prepared with love and excellence. 


  At Boston Commons, we are committed to that same level of excellence and love of providing you with the best food, service, and atmosphere around. We are proud to serve up Boston-style seafood like creamy Clam Chowder and our famous

Chef's Fish & Chips, staying true to that

New England flavor!

Whether you're out for a business lunch meeting, just grabbing a drink and snack, 

or feeding the whole family,

Boston Commons is the place to gather; our friendly and expert staff will make you feel right at home!                          




Local chapters of Red Sox and Patriots fans have already made us their go-to stop for food, drinks, and good times! So come join us; stop in, say hi, and stick around for a while! We'll show you how we bring the authentic taste of New England to East Nashville!

Meet the Staff

General Manage Leon Falks
Director of Operations Josef Gutzmirtl
Owner Matthew Charette