Please be aware...
If we are experiencing an Extremely High Levels of business
On-line Take-out/Delivery ordering will not Available.  
(We experience our Highest Volume of business all night Weekends
and during typical dinner hours week nights.) 
Due to the High Volume of business since our re-opening
we do not take to go orders over the phone.
*Large orders require more time.
*Not all menu items are available for online ordering or delivery.
*You will Not find us on any of the 3rd party delivery websites at this time 
*The Take out/delivery menu PDF is for reference only and subject to change. The
(On-line Order/Pick up or Delivery) button below will take you to the actual options available at the time of your order. 
Please Read Above before
Clicking the Button Below
*Note: we are working hard to accommodate everyone - and  
We know that during the pandemic Take-out/delivery ordering has become very popular and in certain cases the only option for some of you. We are sensitive to the needs of our loyal customers who are not yet able to join us in person but still want to enjoy us.  Please understand we are trying to accommodate as many to-go orders as we can while managing all capacities.    

Those with special needs may Call in an order but it may not be available (at certain peak business times). It may be best to make these arrangements in advance. 

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